Biking the Bayous

On occasion, my work and travel schedule keep me from wandering and exploring the Lone Star State. Whenever my adventure time is reduced from days to hours, I still like to look for opportunities to get out and do something fun and adventurous. I have discovered that there are all sorts of adventures close to home that do not require a huge investment of time or money.
Bike and SignHouston is popularly known as “The Bayou City” because of the ten waterways that meander through the greater metropolitan area. I live in Katy just west of Houston, a beautiful city that has some of the best walking, hiking, and biking trails along the bayous that divert water toward the gulf. Developers in our area have done a really good job of planning and also maintaining these green spaces.
Omar Ride BayouUnless it’s raining, I like to hop on my mountain bike after work and do either a fourteen or twenty-mile ride along the bayous. The trails behind my neighborhood offer paved and unpaved riding options. I prefer, when possible, to stay off the sidewalks to avoid the folks who are out for a leisurely stroll or an afternoon run.
Omar Biking in WaterOn a recent ride, a mile section of sidewalk that leads to some ball fields that mark my turnaround point was under several inches of water. Instead of turning back, my friend Selim and I decided to do what any school boy in his right mind would do — press on through the water. Up until that point we were out on a normal bike ride. The water represented the opportunity for adventure. So, we pressed on.
Selim and BJAlong the way we met a new friend out for a ride. He was happy to join us on our great watery adventure. We saw an alligator and also some deer wading in the water. And, of course, we got soaked in the process. On the way back we had to portage our bikes because the trail under the Grand Parkway was covered in mud and debris from recent floods — something that only added to the challenge and adventure.
IMG_8739When it was all said and done we were glad that we had ventured out. After all, what could be better when you only have a couple of hours for an adventure. And the best part — it did not cost us a dime and we enjoyed a lot of good conversation and laughter along the way.
IMG_8747Regardless of where you live in the Lone Star State, look for opportunities to have adventures close to home. Doing fun stuff outdoors always trumps staying indoors. I’m thankful for the bayou trails near my home. Biking the bayous certainly scratches my itch for adventure when I only have a few hours to get outdoors. The next time you find yourself short on time or money, don’t despair. Find your next Texas adventure close to home.

2 thoughts on “Biking the Bayous

  1. Omar: I enjoyed this ride immensely. I’m also thankful for the bayous near us. I look forward to riding many more times with you in the future, whether is here or abroad.


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