Texas Proud

There is little, if any, doubt that Texans are a proud people. Anywhere you venture within the broad expanse of the Lone Star State, you can see Texas pride on display. The very shape of Texas makes it one of the most easily recognizable states in the Union. The same can be said of our Lone Star emblazoned flag. Texans use both of these iconic symbols to identify their love and pride for the place they call home.
Texas Flag WavingSomeone once said that Texas is a state of mind. And indeed it is. But it is more than that. New York born author John Steinbeck wrote, “For all its enormous range of space, climate, and physical appearance, and for all the internal squabbles, contentions, and strivings, Texas has a tight cohesiveness perhaps stronger than any other section of America. Rich, poor, Panhandle, Gulf, city, country, Texas is the obsession, the proper study and the passionate possession of all Texans.”
Texas Flag BarnFrom its earliest days, Texas has inspired a loyalty from both native born Texans and those who were born elsewhere but got to Texas as quick as they could. Tennessee-born Frontiersman Davy Crockett, also known as the King of the Wild Frontier, said, “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.” That quote reminds me of the line in the song by Chris Wall, a singer-songwriter from Austin: “I’d rather be a fencepost in Texas, than the king of Tennessee.”
Texas Flag PorchAs a kid, I went to see the movie Hellfighters, the story based on the life of Red Adair. John Wayne played the role of this Texas oil field legend who battled oil well fires all over the world. The real Red Adair said, “I’ve traveled all over the world, but I don’t think there is any place better than Texas.” I agree with Red. I have traveled to more than forty countries and there is nothing better than coming home to Texas.
Texas Flag TruckThe bottom line is that I love everything about our great state — beaches and bluebonnets, expansive skies and extraordinary sunsets, barbecue and burgers, country music and mariachi bands, the Chihuahuan Desert and pine forests. In the words of a proud Texan: “If you’re lucky enough to live in Texas, then you’re lucky enough.”

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