Vanishing Texas River Cruise

The Highland Lakes are a chain of seven lakes that were formed when the Lower Colorado River Authority built a series of dams along the Colorado River. Unquestionably one of the most beautiful regions in the Lone Star State, the Highland Lakes offer lots of enjoyable recreational opportunities for anyone looking for an affordable Texas adventure.
Vanishing Texas River CruiseLake Buchanan, the second largest of the Highlands Lakes in Central Texas, is the starting point for the Vanishing Texas River Cruise. This cruise was the brainchild of a man named Ed Low. In 1981, Ed envisioned starting a cruise to acquaint folks with the ecological beauty of the Highland Lakes region. The Vanishing Texas River Cruise introduces visitors to some really spectacular views of Lake Buchanan and the Colorado River — vistas that are best enjoyed from the water.
Vanishing Texas Boarding PassSince its start in 1982, the Vanishing Texas River Cruise has become the premier ecological tour in the Lone Star State. The relaxing two-hour cruise is hosted by a knowledgeable guide who points out native wildlife, waterfalls, and varieties of birds — including wintering Bald Eagles. The cruise also navigates over the ruins of Blufton, an entire town that was submerged in 1937 when Buchanan Dam was completed and filled. The old town ruins are visible only in seasons of drought.
Texas Eagle II BoatThe Vanishing Texas River Cruise folks offer a variety of cruises aboard their 120-passenger Texas Eagle II boat. The lower level features an air-conditioned cabin with large picture windows that make it easy to view the scenery. The upper open-air deck is covered and also gives passengers complete visual access to the passing scenery. You can bring a sack lunch or purchase one of the box lunches as a part of your package.
Colorado River WaterfallI can’t say enough about the staff. As someone who has toured all over the world and listened to tour guides in more than three-dozen countries, the guides on the Vanishing Texas River Cruise are among the very best. These guys know their stuff, communicate in an engaging way, and are always ready to answer questions. I learned a lot in the two-hours I spent aboard the Texas Eagle II.
Vanishing Texas WakeRegardless of where you live in Texas, it is worth the drive to the centrally located Vanishing Texas River Cruise. Visit their website to learn more about their various cruises and how to reserve your space before heading their way. If you have never visited the Highland Lakes, then I encourage you to do so. And be sure to make the time for a Vanishing Texas River Cruise to see Texas in a whole new way.

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