Salas Better Burger

When it comes to finding a delicious burger, I am drawn to places that have been around for a while — in buildings that show the wear and tear caused by lots of local customers. Neighborhood eateries that have passed the test of time are the best. They have survived because they serve consistently good food.
While traveling home from far west Texas, I found just such a place in Del Rio. Salas Better Burger is just slightly off the beaten path. Housed in a modest box of a building in the middle of a worn-out parking lot, a steady stream of neighborhood patrons flowed in and out the door.

Located some 150-miles west of San Antonio on Highway 90, Del Rio is situated just north of the Rio Grande River. Its sister town of Ciuad Acuña is located on the Mexican side of the border. Visitors come here to enjoy time on Lake Amistad, the third largest lake in Texas, to see the amazing petroglyphs at Seminole Canyon State Park, or to enjoy other outdoor pursuits.
Salas is an unpretentious place that has perfected their burger making. Look up to see the menu, place your order, and wait for the staff to call your name and hand you your order in a white paper sack. It’s that easy.

I ordered my usual bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries and iced tea. My buddies and I sat at one of the picnic tables out front because all of the tables inside were taken. No problem. We were all starving. And having just spent a few days in tents, eating at a picnic table was actually an upgrade for us.
My burger was tasty. Really delicious. I was happy about that. I was not there to eat some fancy gourmet burger, just a burger that lived up to the advert on the sign — a better burger. And this burger lived up to the promise. The fries were pretty delicious as well.
I like places like Salas - places whose cooks are as seasoned as the grill and who deliver on their promises. Better burgers are made by folks who actually care about what they do. That’s why Salas has been around for so many years and will likely stay around for many more. If you find yourself anywhere near Del Rio at lunchtime, make your way over to Salas and enjoy a better burger.

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