Brady’s Restaurant in Brady

My search for the best burger in Texas has convinced me that if you are willing to drive past the fast food joints that crank out burgers faster than the speed of light, then you will find some really amazing burgers. But, you have to be intentional about looking for those out-of-the-way places that do more than slap a frozen patty on the grill. And you have to be willing to stop and check things out for yourself.
Brady's SignThat’s exactly what a friend and I recently did while making our way to the geographic center of Texas. While driving through the small town of Brady, the town known as “The Heart of Texas,” we noticed a sign that boasted the best burgers in Texas. “Look,” I said, “that place serves the best burgers in Texas!” No hesitation — we had to check this out for ourselves. So, we drove around the courthouse in the town square and made our way back to Brady’s Restaurant.
Brady's RestaurantAfter a morning of hiking at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, we were both hungry and ready for a hot meal. Simon, the guy who cooks the burgers, took our order. The menu above the counter described their burger as having a hunger-busting half-pound of Angus beef served on a caramelized bun with a side order of hand-cut fries. Perfect! That and a cold glass of tea completed my order.
Brady's MenuSimon personally brought the piping hot burgers and hand-cut fries to our table. The burger was served sans condiments, something that we got to add ourselves from the condiments bar. The aroma of the burger and fries was a treat in itself. The first bite did not disappoint. Wow! The flavor of the meat and the moisture of the bun were perfect. Whatever Simon does in the kitchen to cook these burgers he does well. The last bite was as delicious as the first.
Brady's BurgerAfterward, I had the privilege of meeting Syed, the owner of Brady’s. Syed and his family have owned the restaurant for about ten years. As we talked about some of the other dishes on the menu, Syed convinced me that I should come back to try their famous chicken fried steak or all-you-can-eat catfish — dishes he claims are the best in Texas. And, of course, there is their big Cowboy Burger for those with a really huge appetite.
Simon the Cook at Brady'sNo pretense at Brady’s. Syed and Simon believe in their product — and after eating their burger, I believe in it, too! Stopping to eat at Brady’s was definitely a good call. It’s so easy to talk ourselves out of stopping to eat at family-owned places like this and opt instead for the more familiar brand-name places. Traveling Texas backroads has certainly changed my default setting from the familiar eateries to the more interesting places that are easy to miss. I am happy to add Brady’s to my list of favorite places to eat a burger in the Lone Star State.

6 thoughts on “Brady’s Restaurant in Brady

  1. That young man, Simon, has had his ups and downs. Some pretty significant downs. And he has picked himself up, made a name for himself as a cook, is the premier drummer in a couple of local rock bands, has gotten very involved in his church and dedicated himself to the gym. Way to go, Simon!


  2. My husband was born in Brady. Only been there once in about 1989 and my husband said it hadn’t changed since 1950’s. They might be relatives. ♥


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