J.P. Bombers Burgers

J.P. Bombers Burgers opened its doors three years ago on a you-gotta-be-going-there stretch of McArdle Road in Corpus Christi. Set back a good distance from the road, this little burger joint is housed on the north end of a modest little strip center. If you are not careful, you can drive right past the place like I did.
JP Bombers RestaurantSince opening its doors, J.P. Bombers has managed to earn a reputation as one of the best places in the Sparkling City by the Sea to find a great burger. After reading some online reviews I knew I had to go there. And I made sure to go with a big appetite. I arrived hungry and with all of the anticipation of a kid waiting to unwrap a birthday gift.

The moment my wife, my daughter, and I walked through the door, we were greeted with a “Welcome to Bombers. Sit anyplace you like.” We sat next to a table of city utility workers and near a table of older ladies enjoying a game of cards. We instantly loved the laid back feel of the place.
JP Bombers MenuThe menu listed some pretty cool combinations of burgers, in fact, lots of interesting choices. A young lady named Jessica waited on us and recommended the Atomic Burger since this was my first time. This burger features a large patty slathered in melted American cheese and garnished with a healthy helping of grilled onions, jalapeños, and bacon — all of this on a delicious toasted bun.
JP Bombers PicklesMy wife and daughter opted to share the sliders with a side order of tater tots. For an appetizer, we ordered hand-breaded fried pickle chips. The fried pickles arrived with some Ranch dipping sauce. Delicious.
JP Bombers SlidersI asked Jessica about the name of the place. She told us that J.P. stands for Jalapeño Poppers, one of their specialties. She also told us that the business is entirely family owned and operated. Her in-laws, in fact, are the owners. Her family, she told us, cares deeply about serving the best and offering good service.
JP Bombers AtomicAs for my burger — Wow! Everything about the Atomic Burger was delicious. The meat was perfectly cooked. The bun was amazing. The grilled onions, jalapeños, and bacon were diced and evenly spread on top of the cheese and meat, making the flavor in every bite consistently good. Thoroughly enjoyed this burger and would definitely order it again.

For the more adventurous eaters, Bombers has their version of a big burger challenge — a burger with a whopping 48 ounces of meat served with four trimmings, a side of fries, 3 stuffed Jalapeño Bombers, and a 32 ounce drink. If you can eat this behemoth burger in 40 minutes or less you earn bragging rights and get your pic added to the wall. The burger is free if you meet the challenge, otherwise be ready to fork over some dough!

Bottom line — Bombers is fantastic. I not only recommend it, I can hardly wait to go back. If you are headed to Corpus Christi anytime soon, swing by 6109 McArdle Road and try one of their amazing burgers.

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