Comfort Cafe in Comfort

Comfort is just a tiny little dot on Texas roadmaps. Located west of San Antonio along Interstate 10, Comfort is a popular tourist area with great recreational access to the Guadalupe River. While traveling to Big Bend, my buddies and I approached Comfort just in time for lunch. Our hunger led us straight to the Comfort Cafe.
Comfort Cafe SignThe Comfort Cafe is small enough to be considered a hole-in-the-wall but, as we would soon discover, big enough to deliver on flavor. The place was clean as a whistle and the staff was more than eager to help. Friendly staff always helps make any dining experience that much more pleasant.
Comfort Cafe MenuI ordered a bacon cheeseburger with a side of onion rings and a glass of iced tea — my standard order on my burger adventures. From where I was sitting I could see into the kitchen area where my burger was being made to order. I could even hear the meat sizzling on the grill, releasing its burger perfume into the air.
Comfort Cafe BurgerWhen my order arrived I cut my burger in half and was pleased to see the generous portion of meat. The bacon was crispy, the cheese perfectly melted, and the bun lightly toasted. All of the ingredients were obviously fresh. The only thing that remained was to take a bite.
Comfort Cafe Burger HalfBottom line — the burger was unquestionably tasty. Everything about this burger worked well together. Someone had obviously given some thought to how a burger should be prepared and did not compromise at any point on delivering a delicious burger. I made it a point to thank the folks in the kitchen, something easy to do in a small place like this.
comfort-cafe-interiorThe Comfort Cafe has only been opened a short while, but I am confident it will be around for a long time. If I lived anywhere near Comfort I would surely make it a point to make my way to the Comfort Cafe as often as possible. I loved the whole dining experience, especially the ambiance that is unique to small town mom and pop eateries.
comfort-cafe-exteriorIf your road trips ever take you anywhere near Comfort, consider pulling off the main drag and making your way to the Comfort Cafe. Little stops along the way like the Comfort Cafe just add a magical element to any road trip. Embrace the experience. Enjoy the food. Make good memories with friends and family.

High Sierra Bar and Grill

Terlingua is a place like none other in the Lone Star State. Nestled between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park, this ghost town has a character uniquely its own. The name of the town is derived from the Spanish words “tres lenguas” meaning “three tongues” — a reference to English, Spanish, and Native American, the three languages spoken there in the days of the Old West.
Terlingua SignIf you have never ventured to the Chihuahuan Desert or to Terlingua, you owe it to yourself to visit this fascinating and mesmerizingly beautiful part of Texas. Terlingua was once a thriving mining town that was abandoned after the Second World War. Starting in the 1970’s, Terlingua became a destination for adventurers, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and just plain folks who were bewitched by the old ghost town and decided to stay.
High Sierra Bar and GrillOn a recent visit to Big Bend Ranch State Park, my buddies and I ventured to the High Sierra Bar and Grill in Terlingua in search of a hunger busting burger. There are not a lot of places to eat in Terlingua so we were happy to find the High Sierra and even happier to learn that they had burgers on the menu.

I ordered my usual bacon cheeseburger with a side of onion rings and a tall glass of iced tea. We enjoyed the ambiance of the place while we waited for our burgers. The staff was friendly. The iced tea was cold. The mix of locals and outsiders made for some interesting people watching. And the music was perfect, especially because Johnny Cash was on the playlist.
High Sierra BurgerMy burger and hand-battered onion rings arrived hot and ready to eat. The generous-sized and cheese covered meat patty was cooked just the way I like. The bun was slathered with a combination of mustard and mayo, every ingredient was fresh, and the bacon was nice and crispy. I cut my burger in half and eagerly took my first bite.
High Sierra Sliced BurgerThe first bite always tells the story. And this first bite was delicious. Wow — it was so good. I savored every tasty bite. When I finished, my only regret was that I did not have the bandwidth in my stomach (nor the metabolism) to do it all over again. Without question, this was one of the best burgers I have eaten in the Lone Star State. And the onion rings were pretty tasty in their own right. All in all — a delicious meal!

No matter where you go in Texas, you can find a delicious burger. However, you must be willing to get off the beaten path and walk into places you might not otherwise visit. I’m glad we stopped to eat at the High Sierra Bar and Grill. This eatery will remain high on my list of places to eat the next time I venture west of the Pecos River. If you find yourself anywhere near the ghost town of Terlingua, check out the High Sierra Bar and Grill.

2-M’s Malt N Burger Mart

One of the things I miss the most when I travel internationally is a good Texas hamburger. After returning home from back-to-back trips to the Amazon and El Salvador, I hopped in my pick up and headed to Rosenberg in search of a burger dive. As I often do, I stopped to ask a local for a recommendation. I had already eaten at the first two joints but had not heard of the third — 2-M’s Malt N Burger Mart.
2-ms-sign2-M’s has been around since 1963. The drive-in style building features awning-shaded parking out front and a small dining area inside. I like places like this. Other than showing its age, this place looks pretty much the way it must have looked when it was first built. This was obviously a popular joint. Lots of folks ordered at the pick-up window while a few dined inside.
img_0662I ordered a cheeseburger with all of the fixings plus french fries and sweet tea. I sat my burger deprived body down and waited anxiously to hear the words I longed to hear — Order 72. Within minutes I picked up my burger basket and tea and sat down to enjoy the first burger I have eaten in weeks.
2-M's OrderI unwrapped my burger and took my first bite. Not disappointed. This was just an honestly good burger built around a modest on-the-thinner-side meat patty. All of the flavors blended together well. I enjoyed the burger, not just because it has been a while since I’ve had a burger, but because it was genuinely tasty.
2-M's Burger BasketThe sign out front boasts “Voted Best Burger in Fort Bend County.” Whether or not you agree with that assessment, you can’t argue against the fact that for the past 53 years the locals have cast their vote by keeping the doors of this joint open. That is the vote that matters the most. And, I’m glad that the place has retained its weathered vintage charm.
2-M's Burger w BiteThose of you who read my burger reviews know that I would rather eat at a burger dive any day of the week than to cross the threshold of a fast food joint. I love the adventure of stumbling across places like 2-M’s. You might not live anywhere near Rosenberg, but I’ll bet that you can find a burger joint near you that will win you over with taste and charm. When you do, be sure to let me know and I’ll add it to my list of places to visit on a future Texas road trip.

The Burger Barn

In my ongoing quest to enjoy the most delicious burgers in Texas, I not only look for the joints with favorable reviews but quite often with interesting names. So, when I learned about The Burger Barn in Rosenberg I had to give it a try. I like the name. Burger Barn is just a simple and honest name that conjures up visions of good homestyle cooking.
Burger BarnThe Burger Barn has four locations in Texas, including Rosenberg. They promise diners more food, more taste, more service, and an always fresh experience. More is definitely good — especially when it comes to burgers. So, I called my friend Brad and his boys and asked them to join me on this culinary road trip to The Burger Barn.
Burger Barn MenuThe Burger Barn offers an amazing selection of 25 burgers. As for me, I ordered burger number six, the Bacon Cheddar Barn Burger. This burger boasts a fresh patty made of 100% beef, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onions and mayo on a toasted bun. And, of course, I ordered a side of onion rings and a glass of iced tea.
Burger Barn BurgerBrad and the boys ordered burgers, brisket, onion rings, and fried pickles. There was no  danger of a food shortage at our table. The burgers arrived piping hot and wrapped in gingham paper. The aroma of the burgers was inviting and the onion rings looked amazing. The Burger Barn definitely delivered on its promise of more. These burgers were a handful.
Burger Barn DrewThe first bite was all it took to convince me that The Burger Barn also delivered on its promise of  more taste and fresh ingredients. The bacon, by the way, was really good. Everything about this burger worked perfectly to deliver more taste. And the onion rings were mighty delicious, too. No regrets about making the drive to Rosenberg. As for Brad and his boys, they each gave a thumbs up to the whole experience.
Brad and BoysWhether you are on road trip or just looking for a place near you to eat a good burger, be adventurous and be intentional. Don’t be afraid to break away from the fast food chains to try something different. Pull over and check out those burger joints with interesting names. If you do so, you will make some delicious discoveries. There is no question in my mind that the best burgers on the planet are right here in the Lone Star State.

Peppers Burgers and More

One of the best things about wandering down Texas backroads is discovering new places to eat a burger. On a recent day trip to take photos of windmills and railroad tracks, my friend Doyle and I found ourselves in Eagle Lake at high noon. And we were mighty hungry when we drove into this small community whose presence on Texas maps dates back as far as 1821.

Eagle Lake is located on Highway 90A east of the Colorado River and fifty miles southwest of Houston in southeast Colorado County. Folks believe the town was named by two of Stephen F. Austin’s scouts. When one of them killed an eagle on the lake, he called the water Laguna del Águila, which is translated Eagle Lake.
Peppers Burgers and MoreWhen we drove into town I asked Siri, my faithful smart phone concierge, to retrieve a list of burger joints in town. Peppers Burgers and Fries seemed the most interesting so that is where we headed. On our first pass we missed the restaurant entirely. So, we turned around and drove a bit slower and almost missed it a second time.
Peppers in Eagle LakePeppers is housed in a modest little building on Main Street. The only sign is out in front of the building. The young lady at the counter told us that they’ve only been around for about a year. We ordered our meal at the counter and then sat and sipped cold iced tea while we waited for our food in the small but very clean dining area.
Peppers Burger CloseupI ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger Combo and opted for fries rather than the side of okra offered with the meal. The service was reasonably fast. My burger arrived complete with a generous portion of slender fries. All of the ingredients were crispy fresh and held in place by a hot butter grilled bun.
Peppers Burger in HandAs for my first bite — it was good. What I held in my hands was not some fancy gourmet inspired city burger. This was just an honest small town burger. No pretense. Just the basic burger ingredients that worked together well to make a good homestyle burger. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed my burger and certainly felt that I got my money’s worth.
Peppers InteriorThere are not a lot of burger options in Eagle Lake. If I lived in town I would make it a point to eat at Peppers on a regular basis. And, as their sign says, they offer burgers — and more. If my travels take me through Eagle Lake again in the future, I will be sure to stop and sample some of the other things on the menu. And, if you ever find yourself in their neighborhood, stop by Peppers and give them a try. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Dog and Pony Grill

Searching for the best burgers in Texas is an enjoyable part of my adventuring in the Lone Star State. I have discovered that there are no shortages of places to find delicious burgers. I have visited some burger joints at the recommendation of friends, others because I read about them in some publication, and occasionally I just ask Siri to find me burger joints close to me as I wander down highways and byways.
Dog and Pony ExteriorWhile recently traveling from Katy to Big Bend Ranch State Park, I asked Siri to find me burger joints near San Antonio. Siri produced her usual list of fast food burger places as well as other options. That’s how I learned about the Dog and Pony Grill in Boerne. To be honest, my buddy and I decided to try this place just because we found the name so interesting. Google maps did the rest of the work and guided us to the parking lot.
Dog and Pony InteriorWe arrived a bit early for lunch but with enough of an appetite to eat a healthy-sized burger. At the recommendation of the young lady at the counter, I ordered the Bodacious Boerne Cheddar Burger, listed as “Our Favorite Burger” on the menu. This burger comes with a healthy one-third pound of pure beef and is topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mustard and mayo. A side order of onion rings and a cold cup of sweet tea completed my order.

When I started writing about burgers on my blog I decided that if I did not have anything good to say about a burger I just would not write about it. So, I am writing about the Bodacious Boerne Cheddar Burger because it definitely outclassed a lot of burgers I have eaten and because it was pretty doggone tasty. Wow! I mean it was a really good burger.
Dog and Pony BurgerEverything about his burger worked well, from the amazing bun to the delicious cooked-to-perfection patty. And the onion rings were pretty good, too. After taking my last bite, I took a deep satisfying breath and determined that this is a place I want to visit again. And it’s a place I highly recommend to anyone passing through the area. In fact, it’s worth taking a detour to go to the Dog and Pony Grill if you are anywhere near this part of the state.
Dog and Pony Grill VanThe Dog and Pony Grill offers a lot more than their tasty burgers on their menu. The joint has a cool and comfortable vibe — the kind of place where you can have a good time with family and friends. The next time you find yourself near Boerne, set your map app to get you to the Dog and Pony in time for lunch. You won’t be disappointed!

Novrozsky’s Hamburgers Etc

I discovered Novrozsky’s Hamburgers Etc on a recent road trip to Orange to visit the fascinating old Farmers Mercantile, a general store that has served the people of the area for almost 90 years. Hungry for a good burger, I asked Siri to find places to eat near me. Novrozsky’s topped the list. The name alone made me curious so I entered the address into Google maps and headed in their direction.

The original Novrozsky’s restaurant was founded in 1982 in Beaumont. Today, they have locations through Southeast Texas, including Orange. According to their website, they pride themselves “on serving the most delicious and satisfying burgers in Texas.” Another reason I had to check this place out for myself.
Novrozsky's FrontThe Novrozsky’s restaurant in Orange is housed in a modest and nondescript building with only the name Novrozsky’s on the front. No problem! As someone who enjoys sleuthing out a good burger, I was far more interested in what I would find inside the building.

I arrived well past the lunch crowd and walked right up to the counter and ordered their Bacon Cheddar Burger with all of the trimmings on a jalapeño bun along with a side order of hand-battered onion rings. Novrozsky’s hamburgers are made with Nolan Ryan beef — 100% all natural, hormone-free beef raised right here in the Lone Star State.
Novrozsky's CupI filled my styrofoam cup with raspberry iced tea and waited for my burger. Looking around, I noticed that I was not the only person interested in having a burger for lunch. My burger arrived with a heaping order of onion rings. If the aroma was any indication, I knew this was destined to be a mighty good meal.
Novrozsky's BurgerOf course, the first bite always tells the story and my first bite was not disappointing. Oh my soul! This was truth in advertising — a truly delicious and satisfying burger. If it had been possible I would have eaten two of these fabulous burgers. As for the onion rings — unbelievably delicious! The onion rings were a meal in themselves.
Novrozsky's Burger PlateThe only thing that disappointed me was the last, moist, delicious bite. Not because it did not taste as good as the first bite but because I did not want for this meal to end. It was that good. I give Novrozsky’s absolutely high marks in every burger regard. You can bet that I will stop at Novrozsky’s again the next time I find myself anywhere near one of their many locations in Southeast Texas.

Royers Round Top Café

Round Top, a popular tourist destination, is one of the smallest incorporated communities in the Lone Star State. This tiny town has a rich history influenced by English and German settlers. The family of Stephen Townsend was the first to settle in the area in 1826. This family bears the distinction of having sent more men to the Battle of San Jacinto than any other family.

Joel Robinson, a resident of Round Top, also fought in the Battle of San Jacinto. After the Texan army defeated the Mexican forces on the plains of San Jacinto on March 21, 1836, the Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna was nowhere to be found. Robinson was assigned to the small detachment of men who searched for and captured the defeated general on the day after the decisive battle.

In the 1840s, a German man named Alwin H. Soergel, settled in the Round Top area. This talented author, musician, and historian built a white house with an octagonal tower — giving rise to the name Round Top. Soergel’s home served as the United States Post Office for the tiny community as early as 1847.
Round Top City Limit SignToday, Round Top has a population of fewer than one-hundred residents. Even so, this tiny community draws visitors from around the world. Round Top is an internationally recognized cultural center for the arts with a 1,200-seat concert hall at Festival Hill, the permanent home of the Texas Festival Orchestra.

Round Top’s vintage downtown is also a tourist draw. Henkel Square features a variety of shops and galleries housed in restored structures originally built by English and German pioneers to the area. Of course, the heavy tourist traffic explains why there are so many historic bed-and-breakfasts in Round Top.
Royers CafeOn my continuing search for delicious hamburgers in the Lone Star State, I visited Royers Round Top Café — “a Texas country bistro serving gourmet comfort food.” This café is famous for their delicious handmade pies, which have made their way to the White House. How cool is that! But, I visited Royers to sample their burger and then to chase it all down with a tall glass of iced tea and a slice of pecan pie.
Royers Burger CutI ordered the Café’s Burger — a handmade burger boasting a half-pound of local beef served with all the trimmings between a toasted sourdough bun with a side of hand-cut fries. All it took was the first bite to convince me this was one delicious burger. As for the pecan pie, I think it was made in heaven. No wonder folks come from all over the place to eat at Royer’s. Not only was the food great, the wait staff was very attentive and helpful.
Royers PorchIf you have not yet visited Round Top, add it to your list. You’ll enjoy strolling through the various interesting shops with their eclectic wares. And, be sure to time things so that you can stop by Royers for lunch. It’s a popular place so you might have to wait for a few minutes on the front porch. But, don’t be impatient and drive off. This place is definitely well worth the wait.

J.P. Bombers Burgers

J.P. Bombers Burgers opened its doors three years ago on a you-gotta-be-going-there stretch of McArdle Road in Corpus Christi. Set back a good distance from the road, this little burger joint is housed on the north end of a modest little strip center. If you are not careful, you can drive right past the place like I did.
JP Bombers RestaurantSince opening its doors, J.P. Bombers has managed to earn a reputation as one of the best places in the Sparkling City by the Sea to find a great burger. After reading some online reviews I knew I had to go there. And I made sure to go with a big appetite. I arrived hungry and with all of the anticipation of a kid waiting to unwrap a birthday gift.

The moment my wife, my daughter, and I walked through the door, we were greeted with a “Welcome to Bombers. Sit anyplace you like.” We sat next to a table of city utility workers and near a table of older ladies enjoying a game of cards. We instantly loved the laid back feel of the place.
JP Bombers MenuThe menu listed some pretty cool combinations of burgers, in fact, lots of interesting choices. A young lady named Jessica waited on us and recommended the Atomic Burger since this was my first time. This burger features a large patty slathered in melted American cheese and garnished with a healthy helping of grilled onions, jalapeños, and bacon — all of this on a delicious toasted bun.
JP Bombers PicklesMy wife and daughter opted to share the sliders with a side order of tater tots. For an appetizer, we ordered hand-breaded fried pickle chips. The fried pickles arrived with some Ranch dipping sauce. Delicious.
JP Bombers SlidersI asked Jessica about the name of the place. She told us that J.P. stands for Jalapeño Poppers, one of their specialties. She also told us that the business is entirely family owned and operated. Her in-laws, in fact, are the owners. Her family, she told us, cares deeply about serving the best and offering good service.
JP Bombers AtomicAs for my burger — Wow! Everything about the Atomic Burger was delicious. The meat was perfectly cooked. The bun was amazing. The grilled onions, jalapeños, and bacon were diced and evenly spread on top of the cheese and meat, making the flavor in every bite consistently good. Thoroughly enjoyed this burger and would definitely order it again.

For the more adventurous eaters, Bombers has their version of a big burger challenge — a burger with a whopping 48 ounces of meat served with four trimmings, a side of fries, 3 stuffed Jalapeño Bombers, and a 32 ounce drink. If you can eat this behemoth burger in 40 minutes or less you earn bragging rights and get your pic added to the wall. The burger is free if you meet the challenge, otherwise be ready to fork over some dough!

Bottom line — Bombers is fantastic. I not only recommend it, I can hardly wait to go back. If you are headed to Corpus Christi anytime soon, swing by 6109 McArdle Road and try one of their amazing burgers.