Mamie’s Kitchen

Pattison, a small town located in southern Waller County, was named after James Tarrant Pattison. This early settler built his plantation house on a tract of land he purchased in 1839. Pattison’s house served as a stage-coach stop on the Atascosito Road, a military highway established by the Spaniards sometime before 1757.

According to the Pattison family, there is a little more to the story. As they tell it, Pattison and a rival plantation owner each wanted the rights to name the town. So, they decided to match their favorite horses in a race. They agreed that the winner would have the privilege of naming the proposed town after himself. The rest is history.

Pattison is located west of Houston and north of Brookshire near the junction of Farm Roads 1458 and 359. Pattison is a small town that is home to Mamie’s Kitchen — a restaurant that serves dishes big on flavor. This small town eatery is named after Mamie Wilpitz Wilson. For more than 40 years, Mamie and her husband John operated Wilson’s Grocery in Pattison. This grocery store became a favorite gathering place for locals.

Miss Mamie earned a reputation as a woman who cared about her neighbors. That’s because she and her husband John had an open door policy that endeared them to others. Mamie, in fact, became known as an encourager who was always ready to listen and to give sage counsel to kids and adults alike. She was regarded as a mother by the folks of her community.
Mamie's RestaurantMamie’s Kitchen, a fairly new restaurant in Pattison, was named in honor of Miss Mamie. Their aim is “to reclaim the feeling of years ago, by offering food and a warm and comforting atmosphere to all who enter this place.” After stopping to eat at Mamie’s a couple of months ago, I have returned to Pattison more than once to eat at Mamie’s.
Mamie's Christmas DinnerMy first meal at Mamie’s was their Christmas Dinner. Oh my soul, it was delicious. I shared a table with a bunch of friends. Each of us received a plate heaping with turkey and dressing and the works. Every bite was filled with home-cooked deliciousness. But, as good as my turkey dinner was, I knew I would have to return to eat a burger.
Mamie's BurgerOn my return visit, I ordered a hamburger with a side of onion rings. This is one big burger. Those of you who follow my blog know that I have a first-bite rating when it comes to trying a new burger. If the first bite is good then all is well. The first bite was indeed good. As a matter of fact, it was better than good. And the onion rings were oh so amazing. Mamie’s is also known for its fabulous pies. So, I forced myself to eat a piece of pecan pie infused with slivers of almonds. Wow!
Mamie's MenuBecause we are all busy it’s easy to fall into a tired routine of eating at the same fast food joints or chain restaurants. Don’t get stuck in that rut. Get out and look for interesting places to eat near you. Make it a point to not judge a book by its cover. Take a chance on a place you might otherwise pass by. You just might find a culinary treasure like Mamie’s Kitchen — a place that will delight your palate and make your taste buds think they won the lottery.

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