Hamlin Pharmacy and Fountain

Long before the days of fast food chains and drive-thru lanes, folks who wanted to go out for a soda or burger had few options. One of those options was the local soda fountain — a place where a soda jerk took your order and prepared your soda or flavored drink. Few of those old-fashioned places remain, and those that do remain are definitely worth a visit.
Hamlin PharmacyHamlin Pharmacy and Fountain in Corpus Christi operates the last remaining soda fountain in the Sparkling City by the Sea. While times have changed, their old-fashioned values have remained the same. If you are looking for a nostalgic dining experience, this is the place to go. You can enjoy your meal in one of the booths or sit on a swivel stool at the counter.
Hamlin Pharmacy MenuI visited on a day when the soda fountain was packed with customers but waited for a place to sit. This is one dining experience I was not going to miss. Fortunately, a booth opened up quickly and their friendly staff promptly took our order. As usual, I order a cheeseburger, onion rings, and a tall glass of iced tea.
Hamlin Pharmacy BoothThe service was reasonably fast, but fast was the last thing I was concerned about. I wanted to enjoy my time in this place steeped in nostalgia — from the rotary public phone to the vinyl-clad booth benches. Fast food chains have trained us to eat fast and leave quickly. Not so at Hamlin Pharmacy. This is a place where you can enjoy your meal and have a conversation without feeling the need to rush off.
Hamlin Pharmacy BurgerAs for the food, it was pretty tasty. I have no complaints about my burger or the onion rings. An honest meal served up piping hot. Everything about the burger was good, including the moist bun. It was obvious this was not one of those made-in-a-hurry burgers. I enjoyed every bite. And, I really liked the slow and easy vibe of the place — a throwback to simpler times when lunch time was as much about connecting with friends as it was about enjoying a good meal.
Hamlin Pharmacy PhoneIf you find yourself in or anywhere near Corpus Christi at lunch time, swing by the soda fountain at the Hamlin Pharmacy. This is a great place to talk to your kids about old-fashioned places and old-fashioned values and the importance of using meal times as opportunities to enjoy more than your food. Because there are fewer and fewer places like this, it’s definitely worth visiting Hamlin Pharmacy and Soda Fountain.

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