Junction Burger Company

Ever on the search for the next good burger, my hunger intersected with Junction on my last road trip. There was no way I was going to drive another hour or even half-hour for lunch. I was hungry and my stomach insisted I stop at the nearest burger joint. So, I consulted my phone and learned I was within minutes of the Junction Burger Company.

Problem solved. That’s where I would eat lunch.

Junction is a cool little town located west of San Antonio along Interstate 10. It sits among some of the most beautiful scenery in the Texas Hill Country. Founded in 1876, the town was named Junction for its location at the confluence of the North and South Llano Rivers. Today, it is regarded as one of the state’s leading deer-hunting counties.

The Junction Burger Company was easy to find — located in a modest boxy building on Main Street just a short distance south of the interstate. I always get excited when I pull into a new burger joint. With my stomach growling, I was more than ready to chow down on a juicy burger.

Although the Heart Attack Burger was tempting, I opted for my usual bacon cheeseburger and a side of french fries. This time I ordered a cold root beer instead of tea. I was so hungry and really wanted for this burger to be good — no, better than good!

Well, suffice it to say that Junction Burger came through. Not only was my burger good, it was better than better than good. The crumbly patty was cooked to perfection, the bun was delicious and moist, the bacon was crispy. What more could a hungry man ask for? This burger did not disappoint. In fact, I regard to as one of the tastier burgers I have eaten since I started my Lone Star burger adventures.

I know that there are easier and quicker options to sate my appetite when on a Texas road trip. But it’s not about quick. It’s about the adventure of discovering another good burger eatery. It’s about meeting hometown folks who take great pride in making a delicious burger. And it’s about adding a measure of quality to a road trip that makes the journey from here to there all the more enjoyable.

Bottom line — my experience at Junction Burger Company was good, really good. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a burger joint I will visit again. I hope that if your travels take you anywhere near Junction you will stop by and check out Junction Burger for yourself. I think you and your taste buds will agree that you made the right choice.