Dog and Pony Grill

Searching for the best burgers in Texas is an enjoyable part of my adventuring in the Lone Star State. I have discovered that there are no shortages of places to find delicious burgers. I have visited some burger joints at the recommendation of friends, others because I read about them in some publication, and occasionally I just ask Siri to find me burger joints close to me as I wander down highways and byways.
Dog and Pony ExteriorWhile recently traveling from Katy to Big Bend Ranch State Park, I asked Siri to find me burger joints near San Antonio. Siri produced her usual list of fast food burger places as well as other options. That’s how I learned about the Dog and Pony Grill in Boerne. To be honest, my buddy and I decided to try this place just because we found the name so interesting. Google maps did the rest of the work and guided us to the parking lot.
Dog and Pony InteriorWe arrived a bit early for lunch but with enough of an appetite to eat a healthy-sized burger. At the recommendation of the young lady at the counter, I ordered the Bodacious Boerne Cheddar Burger, listed as “Our Favorite Burger” on the menu. This burger comes with a healthy one-third pound of pure beef and is topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mustard and mayo. A side order of onion rings and a cold cup of sweet tea completed my order.

When I started writing about burgers on my blog I decided that if I did not have anything good to say about a burger I just would not write about it. So, I am writing about the Bodacious Boerne Cheddar Burger because it definitely outclassed a lot of burgers I have eaten and because it was pretty doggone tasty. Wow! I mean it was a really good burger.
Dog and Pony BurgerEverything about his burger worked well, from the amazing bun to the delicious cooked-to-perfection patty. And the onion rings were pretty good, too. After taking my last bite, I took a deep satisfying breath and determined that this is a place I want to visit again. And it’s a place I highly recommend to anyone passing through the area. In fact, it’s worth taking a detour to go to the Dog and Pony Grill if you are anywhere near this part of the state.
Dog and Pony Grill VanThe Dog and Pony Grill offers a lot more than their tasty burgers on their menu. The joint has a cool and comfortable vibe — the kind of place where you can have a good time with family and friends. The next time you find yourself near Boerne, set your map app to get you to the Dog and Pony in time for lunch. You won’t be disappointed!

4 thoughts on “Dog and Pony Grill

  1. Glad I came across your blog tonight…I’m planning to start some Texas travelin’ myself soon, and am enjoying your posts on some of the places I’ll be passing through. I’ll be binge reading to catch up, and have subscribed to your blog. By the way, I followed your link to the “Dog and Pony Grill” website – was hoping for an explanation of the name choice, and I found it there.

    Wish you had a “LIKE” button on your entries, I’d sure hit it, but all I see is a “SHARE” option.


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