Uncle Barney’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers

My burger adventures have led me to some of the best burger joints in the Lone Star State. One thing is certain, there is no shortage of places to eat really delicious burgers in Texas. On a recent road trip from Carrizo Springs to Katy, I reached San Antonio at noon and decided to stop at Uncle Barney’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers.
Uncle Barney's SignI was glad to pull in to a full parking lot — always a good endorsement for an eatery. When I got out of my truck, the fragrant aroma of meat on a grill greeted me and quickened my steps. I arrived hungry and ready to try a new burger. Walking past the windows and catching a glimpse of folks chowing down on healthy-sized burgers got me even more excited about this place.
Uncle Barney's EntranceUncle Barney’s Burgers shares a building with the Hungry Farmer Steakhouse, their sister restaurant. According to a sign, Uncle Barney’s grinds their meat daily from the cuttings of steaks from the Hungry Farmer next door. And, to make matters really interesting, their hamburger patties are Texas-shaped.
Uncle Barney's RefillI knew exactly what I wanted when I walked up to the counter to place my order — a bacon cheeseburger with a side of onion rings along with a glass of tea. I’m glad I ordered the tea because tea refills are free. According to a sign at the counter, all other refills will cost you a quarter.
Uncle Barney's InteriorMy burger arrived complete with onion rings in a paper-lined basket. Everything about this burger looked inviting. All of the ingredients were fresh. The meat was cooked to my liking. The bun was nice and warm. As for the first bite — very tasty. The only problem I had was trying to compress the burger enough to bite into it. But, somehow I managed to do a lot of damage to this burger.
Uncle Barney's BurgerI’m not sure how much the Texas-shaped patty weighed but it was a significant about of meat. In fact, for the first time on my burger adventures, I am embarrassed to say that I was not able to finish this burger. It was just a little more food than I could handle on this particular day. I hated to leave any portion of a burger this good on the table but I had no choice. I was stuffed!
Uncle Barney's Burger in HandI’m glad I stopped at Uncle Barney’s and recommend it without hesitation. The restaurant was clean and the food was delicious. Eating a burger at a place like this definitely beats eating a burger at any fast food chain any day of the week. The next time you head out on a Texas road trip, keep your eyes open to interesting places to grab a bite and live adventurously.

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